Thank you for stopping by. First of all, this is not a commercial site. There is no intention to sell a product. This is strictly a gallery of photographs collected together as a sort of nostalgic repository. As far as my personal history goes, I grew up in the '50s, experienced it in the '60s, and tried to create on it all in the '70s. Technically, all camera formats from 4x5 to 35mm were used. This page represents my First Steps into the profession of photography and art which has sustained me for over 30 years now.


       This page will probably grow, change, shift. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or just want to comment, please e-mail me.

I now realize there are three divisions to my photographic excursion: First Steps, my financial concession, and, my current phase, artistic pension. Maybe there'll be a fourth. I have decided to keep any presentations separate. These self-imposed boundaries are not clean, as images of interest have bled through out this visual journey, but the motivations and purposes remain relatively staunch. Time is really a fluid thing, and one of the beauties of self-expression is that it allows oneself to change the speed and stir of the flow.

So, enjoy these First Steps. I hope to add a gallery of my 1966-67 Berkeley photographs focusing on the Black Panther demonstrations. That was really my first steps. My commercial legacy is carried on by Adam Clark, Susan Stagg, and Karen Jussel at Crawford's Photography in Seattle, Washington, and Silver Links Photography in Tucson, Arizona is my current project. (03/2007)



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